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Welcome to Mystikal Creations where creativity is infinite.

Mystikal creations is a pet project of Ryan Surrao.

Born near the ocean, Ryan has always loved and respected the awesomeness of mother nature. Ryan spent the early stages of his life near the ocean. The serene sounds of the ocean waves always calmed and inspired him to see things in a different way and apply this to his photography and art.

Growing up in India especially during the I.T. boom Ryan, like many others, got pulled into the lucrative world of computers. But his heart always belonged to nature - the ocean, mountains, lakes, hills, trees, plants, flowers, animals and rivers. This is his retreat from the ever-so-psuedo world that we live in.

Throughout my years Ryan has seen many wonders of nature and also seen a lot of it lost to human greed and pride. He has made it a point to capture the essence of nature and share it with his fellow homo sapiens to let them know that they have something wonderful with them. They should try to preserve and keep its existence or else many of these wonders will be lost to us forever.

When he watches a dolphin swim and play, he is reminded of how carefree life should be. When he sees that peacock show its granduer, he feels hope and he sese beauty in its naturality. When he smells a Lily of the Valley, it reminds him of how one can still be fresh in the midst of a mucky swamp. Nature has so much to teach us - we have so much to learn.

Ryan is one with nature and this universe. You will find these sentiments in his photography and candles.

Ryan is borderline ADD =(^-^)=! He can never keep his mind on just one thing and always has to get his hands on anything he can. He likes to always keep himself occupied doing various activities. Ryan likes to hike, camp, is a certified belayer, is a certified scuba diver and loves to ride his motorbikes amongst other things. Ryan likes and admires nature a lot and it shows in his pictures and the candles that he makes.

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Mystikal Creations is a home based business that operates out of Charlotte, NC.
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